DIY Feathered Parasol Kit - Solid Boa

DIY Feathered Parasol Kit - Solid Boa

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Create your own stunning parade parasol with our DIY Feathered Parasol Kit - Solid Boa! Perfect for birthdays, girls days, and parties, this kit provides all the materials needed to make a unique and eye-catching accessory. Get creative and stand out from the crowd with this fun and interactive activity.

Kit Includes:

  • 1 Parasol
  • 2 Feather Boas in your choice of color
  • A small packet with matching embellishments (please leave a note at checkout if you have a preferred embellishment, e.g. fleur de lis, king cake babies, or doubloons, otherwise a variety will be sent.

Parasol is 22" in length.

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